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Here at Drain Services Direct, we offer many related services to our customers in Crawley. Often we don’t give much thought to our drainage systems that work for us on an everyday basis. We can’t see a lot of the action of our drainage systems, so this can mean that we don’t take as much care of them as we should, not able to see any harm that is done until it may be too late, and you require a repair. Throughout this piece, we will look at some common problems with drains, how to avoid them, and tell you more about our services and previous work in Crawley.

Common Problems We often don’t think that as well as internal drainage in bathroom and kitchen sinks, we also have drainage from dishwashers, washing machines, and more. However, it is often the external drainage systems that see the bulk of the problems, which links all of the smaller systems together. They work together, so where there is a problem with one, you will often see a problem with the other. Common problems include a build-up of fats and other items, such as baby wipes, that shouldn’t even be in the system in the first place. The cumulation of these small unwanted products can create a big problem for everyone.

How to Avoid Them The main takeaway point when it comes to drains is to never put fats and oils down the sink. Additionally, use your plug catcher to prevent food from going down the sink, so you can dispose of it in the bin. Food such as pasta, cereal and rice are some of the worst offenders. Avoid putting baby wipes and similar products down the toilet, and think of anything you put into the drainage system, as the less solid waste or waste that is likely to solidify that goes into it, the better.

Our Services In Crawley, we offer a range of drain services including those for blocked drains, drain cleaning, drain repairs, gutter cleaning, drain excavation, jetting services, and more. We also believe that prevention is key, so offer this as part of our services, with CCTV surveys able to give a clearer picture of the health of your drainage systems. Additionally, we can help with any insurance claims. It also starts with a visit you’re your Crawley home to assess the situation, and then we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote for any work that is needed.

Previous Work by Drain Services Direct in Crawley Previously, we have carried out jobs in Crawley, for example, unblocking a drain in Summglers Lane, carrying out a CCTV survey and repair in Faringham Road, repairing a drain in Coopers Wood, and installing rodent protection in Sefton Way.

Contact Us We are pleased to offer customers in Crawley engineers who are available all day, every day. The first step to solving your any drain problems is to call us on 0203 151 4846. For more contact details, please visit our contact page.

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